Original Smiths W10 Military Watch


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Smiths was an English manufacturer of many of the speedometers and tachometers that were fitted to British cars and motorcycles of the 20th century.  They were also a maker of fine mechanical watches for ladies and gentlemen which today are increasingly rare and highly collectible.

During the 1960s, Smiths was contracted by the British government to manufacture watches for the English army which were not available to the general public.  These watches are identifiable by the “broad arrow” marking on the face, and the military contract number and date stamping on the rear.  Our watches are genuine – not reproduction – and date to the Vietnam era.

Our watches are in restored condition and have been revamped with 100% original Smith’s military unused New Old Stock (NOS) parts and all new servicing parts by a world-renown watchmaker in Great Britain.

Each watch passes a water resistance test, has the hand & dial lume stabilized and casebook refinished as needed, includes a 6-month warranty, and is fitted with the following:

  • NOS Dial & handset
  • NOS Crown & stem
  • NOS Hack lever & set bridge
  • NOS Center seconds wheel & center seconds pinion
  • NOS 3rd wheel & hour wheel
  • NOS Canon pinion
  • NOS Dial, set lever & crown wheel screws & springs
  • New mainspring, plexi & casebook gasket
  • 6-month warranty

Additional features include:

  • Movement – Smith’s slim line CS27 caliber 60466E mechanical wind 17-Jewel with Hack feature. Hacking means when the crown is pulled to the time setting position the second hand stops allowing you to set the time to the exact second or synchronize it with other watches. Movement finished in gold, shock proof with unbreakable stainless steel mainspring & anti-magnetic protected.
  • Dial – Fully original (un-restored), made of Mu-metal and is marked- SMITHS, Circled “T” (indicates the luminous material is Tritium), Broad arrow /|\ (Pheon) = Crown property, Made In England.
  • Dust Cover – Original, made of Mu-metal & along with the dial forms a protective anti-magnetic Farady cage around the movement.
  • Hands – Original, military baton type, original lume.
  • Case – Original low use, dennison shape, stainless steel, fixed strap-bars, case size excluding crown is 36 mm. including crown 38.5 mm, from top-bottom 46 mm, thickness 11mm (including lens) & the lug /strap size 17.2 mm. Stainless steel, “aquatight” screw-on with rubber O-ring.
  • Crown – Original Smith’s military, stainless steel with rubber O-ring.
  • Lens – Made from a very tough thick plastic composite, light scratches can be easily polished out with fine Wet & Dry paper + a polish like Brasso, saving you having to replace the lens!
  • Case back markings – W10 indicates Army issue.  6645 NATO code for Timepiece.  99 country code for UK. 961-4045 = General purpose wristwatch.  /|\ Arrow = MOD property, and the last set of numbers (e.g.) 1234 / 70 are the serial number & year of issue.